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I usually hate getting my teeth cleaned or going to the dentist in general (which may be the reason for my 2 year hiatus from visiting any dentist office!) I recently decided it was time to go back so I did some research and found that pro smile dental had great reviews from a number of different online review sources. Sure enough the reviews were accurate because I had my best dental experience to date! The office is clean and inviting, the staff is very friendly and personable. While getting my teeth cleaned I was able to watch a movie on a screen attached to the ceiling which added to my experience a great deal. I usually hate the noise from the cleaning utensils and the fact that I have to hold my mouth open for extended periods of time. I hardly noticed these nuisances this time because the headphones I was wearing to watch tv drowned out the noise and I was so intrigued by the movie the dental assistant picked out for me that I didn’t think about the fact that my mouth was open for so long. Afterwards dr. Nguyen gave me an examination and educated me on a number of different things to help improve my dental health. All in all I’m glad to say that I have found my new dentist and I will be coming here from now on! – Calvin S. – San Ramon, CA

I’ve been lucky to have great dental experiences thus far. This is in large part due to having great dentists. There was Dr. Santos, Dr. Sabbadini, and now, Dr. Nguyen. I had been seeing a pediatric dentist for quite some time before graduating to an adult dentist. When I had first starting working in Pleasanton, it was then that I decided to make the change and visit Dr. Nguyen and Pro Smile Dental Care. Sure, I used to be put under (see: passed out) when a cavity needed to be filled as a child so I never knew pain at the dentist office. And I never will.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nguyen for the past 3-4 years and each visit is as successful as the one before. His equipment is high tech, cavities are filled skillfully with barely any need for numbing agents, and his staff is great – from Beth at the front desk who is the right amount of firm yet friendly, to Tamsen who always politely tells me to keep flossing. He’s got a lot of life in him so I’ll be there for the long haul until he retires, or, I lose all of my teeth. – Johanna L. – San Francisco, CA

Looking for a dentist? don’t call 1-800 DENTIST just call Dr. Nguyen!
Dr. Nguyen has been in the game for about 9 years and is an excellent health care provider in the dentistry business.

I’m usually scared of the dentist but (Anthony) which is his first name, makes me feel comfortable. Easy to talk too, very knowledgeable and takes the time to get to know his patients. His office is modern, state of the art equipment and entertaining, as you lay down to get your teeth cleaned, you can watch TV from the ceiling. NEAT huh?

If you don’t like your dentist, please make an entrance @ Dr. Nguyen’s office. * SAY AHHHH* – Kathy V. – San Francisco, CA

Dr Nguyen is great. His office is really nice and the staff is great. He also does Invisalign so I can’t wait to schedule that appointment. Dr. Nguyen was also telling me that he was planning to get some eco-friendly decorative pieces from CompoClay. I can’t wait to see them in his office. It will give the office a new zen-ish feeling. :)

oh, I forgot to mention the tv on the ceiling. How cool is that??!! That shows how cool Dr. Nguyen is. – karen l. – San Francisco, CA

I’m really glad I found this dental office and Dr. Nguyen. I’ve always had a hard time finding a dentist I liked, and usually just go where ever, but now I feel like I finally have a dentist!

At Dr. Nguyen’s office I don’t feel like just another patient in line. Instead, Dr. Nguyen takes the time to listen to what is wrong, does a careful and thorough job, and just has a cool, calm demeanor. When I’m there, I know that he’s thinking about my file, specific problems and overall oral hygiene/health. Plus, he’s really gentle when he does my cleanings.

I’m very happy to have found this office. (P.s. I also got my invisiline braces through Dr. Nguyen’s office, and am also very happy with that). Try him, you won’t be disappointed! – Yen C. – San Francisco, CA

There’s a reason why this place is Diamond Certified for 3 years (and counting). The quality and professionalism here is second to none.

Some dentists just go in and do their job with little interaction, Dr. Nguyen is the exact opposite. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. He keeps the patient involved by informing him/her of what procdedures he will perform…after all, it is your mouth! He is very nice and friendly and not the least bit intimidating. He definitely cares about his patients and tries to make them feel comfortable, which is a great plus for those who hate going to the dentist. I love getting cleanings and the overall experience of going to Pro Smile makes me Pro Dr. Nguyen!! – Christine P. – Hercules, CA

Dr. Anthony is the best dentist ever! He has the lightest and gentlest hands. My old silver fillings (not done by him) weren’t the best. He replaced all the ugly silver with white and thanks to him, I have the perfect pearliest white teeth. He also did my root canal and I didn’t feel a thing when this was done.

The equipment in his office are so hi-tech. When his assistant takes the x-ray of your teeth, he goes over each of the x-ray with you on a screen (like a tv) and shows you what he sees and shares his feedback. It’s great to know all that information. – Es S. – San Francisco, CA

can’t give this dentist office enough praise. Seriously, this office is amazing. From the minute you walk in & are welcomed, to the minute you leave. The office decor def makes you feel like you are going to a spa.

I’ve always had a phobia of dentist offices from childhood experiences. But, me, my husband and my 2 girls have been going to Dr Anthony for the past year and we absolutely love that he is so patient, kind and explains everything thoroughly. On top of it all, he has a very gentle hand and everything he does is painless. He has made all my fears of dentist’s go away. Even my 2 girls leave the office smiling :)

He has all the latest equipment in his office along with coolest massage chairs that are super comfortable to lay back in while you are getting dental work done. While you are in the massage chairs having dental work done you can watch a movie on the flat screens on the ceilings. All the details he has put into the office is def a huge plus!

So for anyone who has dental phobia, I promise after your visit here you’ll never avoid going to the dentist again.

DR ANTHONY is the BEST dentist out there there hands down!!!!!! – Tammy N. – Danville, CA

Simply the best dentist I have ever gone to. Dr Nguyen has done a lot of dental work for me and I’ve never been more comfortable when I’m there. All of the staff there is thoughtful and kind. Best of all, they’re extremely good at what they do. Going to the dentist used to be a terrible chore I would dread, but now I almost look forward to it.

The office itself is spotless and state of the art. Since going to Pro Smile , I’ve now come to realize that the dentist doesn’t have to be a painful experience.. – Jack K. – Lafayette, CA

I am Canadian transplant who has enjoyed painless dentistry for over 20 years with my previous dentist. I arrived on Dr. A’s doorstep with a poorly fitting, temporary partial plate that should have long been replaced. My mouth was sore, I was concerned and knew that a perfect fit was not going to be an easy job.

Today I am extremely happy with the outcome. I can say that Dr. Anthony was always gentle and cared as much as I did about each step in the process as well as the final outcome. He was not only interested in how I looked and felt about my smile but that my mouth was completely comfortable and could finally heal properly.

Thank you Dr. A. for giving me a “bite” that I can enjoy my dinners with and a smile that shows how much I enjoyed the meal!

I will see you next time for a great cleaning as always! – Sandi P. – Foster City, CA

Anthony Nguyen, DDS | A Family Dentist In San Ramon

Anthony Nguyen, DDS, San Ramon At Pro Smile Dental Care, a San Ramon dentist, we urge families to make good oral hygiene part of their daily lives. Good dental habits instilled at an early age save teeth, time, and money later in life. Being a cutting edge dental office we use solutions like the CEREC Chairside Restoration System to save our patients time and keep our procedures cost effective and safe.

Anthony Nguyen, DDS is gentle, caring, and soothes our patients with his demeanor and skillful technique. Our dental clinic in San Ramon specializes in general dentistry, as well as cosmetic dental and family dental. We are dedicated to making you smile.

You don't have to be scared of going to the dentist anymore! Ask us for a Free 2nd Opinion, consultation about Invisalign, or about any general dental question you may have. We are happy to serve you and your family for many years to come.

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"While getting my teeth cleaned I was able to watch a movie on a screen attached to the ceiling which added to my experience a great deal." - Calvin S.