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A behind the scenes look at Pro Smile Dental Care in San Ramon, California


Why OUR PAtients Keep Coming back

Dr. Anthony Nguyen is a technical, detailed oriented dentist that cares about his patients.  He's careful with each patient so they can relax and not be scared of painful dental procedures. 

Dr. Nguyen and his team are compassionate and have positive attitudes. 

We know that each person's needs are different, which is why we offer personal consultations before performing dental services. Stressed on what's covered by insurance? We can check prices for you so that you aren't surprised after the fact. 

Whether its you or your entire family, our team is dedicated to every facet of dental health. Teaching kids about the importance of good oral hygiene helps prevent cavities.  Our team takes the time to make kids feel comfortable. We show them how to properly brush their teeth and floss. 

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