Getting to Know the Impressive Upscale Community of Blackhawk, CA


The Blackhawk, CA neighborhood occupies a total area of more than 9 square miles. It is situated in the unincorporated area along the Contra Costa County or the East Bay in San Francisco. It is located quite near to Danville. If there is one thing that can identify this particular neighborhood, it would be the fact that it is quite an upscale community. It is made up of approximately 11,000 people. Thanks to it upscale reputation; it has continued to attract entrepreneurs, business executives, media personalities, and professional athletes as residents the community also boasts a broad range of business professionals as residents.

To a lot of people, the name of the community is synonymous to that of the Country Club that bears the same name. In reality, though, it is made up of seven communities, all gated, that are all found along the Blackhawk Road. The entire community is connected with a jogging trail that is 3 miles long.

If you are interested in the real estate that the community has to offer, putting into perspective the possible price that you will have to cover is important. While the price of the homes in the thin community may be a little less than how much those in Diablo are going to be offered at, but it is higher in price when compared to the rest of the other communities that are present along the San Ramón Valley.

The community was developed in the late parts of the 1970s. It has since earned a reputation for the high end, and luxurious homes and such reputation has since been longstanding. It is well-deserved too. While there are homes in this community that are built in a 2,500 square feet living space, and there are even some townhomes to boot, it is an architectural style that the community offers which makes it an awe-inspiring setting or any that are looking for a real property to settle on. 

This is a community where you get to see a hodgepodge of architectural styles such as French provincial, English Tudor, and Greek revival among others. Many of the properties in the area amount to as much as 5,000 square feet. These are units that are built to follow highest standards, and they all centered on the ever prestigious Blackhawk Country Club. There are swimming pools, two golf courses for championship purpose, as well as two clubhouses that grace the community. There is also the ever famous Blackhawk Shopping Center. It features a wide variety of high-quality stores and restaurants along with the Blackhawk Motor Museum


Even if you are not looking to purchase one of the upscale properties is this neighborhood and would just want to take in the many exciting activities that it has to offer, you will find that there are a lot of things for you to do. The shops and stores and restaurant that litter the County club will surely make your shopping and dining experience an excellent one. A tour of the Motor museum would ensure to that you get to reconnect with your deep appreciation for cars, how they used to be and what they are now.


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