Reasons Why You Should Visit Mount Diablo, CA


If you are not sure whether Mount Diablo, CA is going to be a right destination to head to or not, it would best if you will review the very reasons why you should. You will find that this is a most exciting destination for you to go to and you will also conclude that it is quite easy for you to get convinced that this is one trip that you should take.


If you are searching for a way that you can send a good summer day, there is no need for you to have to look further. The Mount Diablo State park is certainly one worth destination that you should consider going for. It is an easy drive from San Francisco, so if you are planning to be around the area and want to enjoy some outdoor excursion, a trip to the park is not a bad idea at all.

It is heralded as one o the best parks that are located in the state of California. It offers a rich history, challenging hiking trails, awesome bike trails, as well as a picturesque scenery with makes climbing to the top and reaching its peak at 3, 849 very worth the effort. It is one destination that has something for everyone.

People that would love to enjoy a day of outdoor recreation will find that it is a going to be perfect to spend a day here. This would be a perfect beginning to a rather breathtaking summer vacation. Whether you want to enjoy some hiking, explore the local shops, restaurants, and galleries. There is something that one can get out of a visit to the park.

It is an interesting and unique geological anomaly

It has been noted that Mount Diablo grows every year thanks to the movement of the plates of the Earth. The mountain is such a treasure trove of fascinating explorations thanks to the fact that it is made up of sedimentary and unique volcanic deposits and the fact that they have been jostled around by the movements of the plates. They are glass-making grade sands and coal that can be harvested from the mountain and there are guided tours of the mines that are made available for visitors as well.

It is saturated with legend

For centuries, this mountain has been the setting for many numerous reports where strange lights, ghost sightings, and haunting have been seen. Many people have reported seeing a phantom black another. There are those that report seeing flying contraptions as early as the year 1806. If you are the kind that loves an excellent ghost story, this may just be the place where you can experience something for yourself.

Impressive hiking trails

The best way to experience the beauty of the mountain is its awesome hiking trails. It has an elevation of 3,849 feet. Climbing to the summit is interesting thanks to some 400 species of plants that have since been identified with the 20,000 acres of the park. There is abundant wildlife. It is advised to dress appropriately for the weather and to bring about plenty of drinking water as you climb.