Recreational Activities to Experience in Blackhawk, CA


If you are thinking of possibly relocating to such an important a neighborhood as Blackhawk, CA, you will need to know not just the condition of the place you are going to be settling in. You will want to see what it has to offer to you too when it comes to recreational activity. You have to remember that his things that you can do for recreational purposes in these places will certainly affect the quality of the love that you are going to live. So, being aware of what is in store for you is very important.

As is expected, golf plays a very crucial part in the lives of many of the residents in this community. There is an exclusive private membership that residents can choose to sign up for at the Blackhawk Country Club. For those that want to take their interest in golf seriously, this would be an excellent opportunity to be able to practice the sport and to play with those who share an equal passion for it.  The lakeside golf course is located at the Country Club West.  This is a court that hosts the annual Long Drugs Challenge. This is part of the event of the LPGA Tour. There is also the newer fall golf course that winds through the East Country Club.


Of course, one should be aware that the recreational activities in this part of Danville are not just limited to golf alone. There are a lot of other things that people can choose to take part in should they need ones that they will be able to fill their time with. There are certainly other alternatives that can be used to fill people’s time. There is the Tennis club which includes a total of 20 tennis courts of the interested player. There s a club house as well as a pro shop. There is also the Swim Club that includes a pool that is competition-sized, dressing rooms, a spa, as well as instructional programs.

The community also boasts of a Sort and Recreation Center that is built on 24 acres of lands that have outdoor volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a play park for the children, a pool that is Olympic-sized, an amphitheater, as well as sports field.

If you are not into sports life, however, other activities can positively engage your interest. There is shopping. The community is just a few minutes away from the upscale Shops at Blackhawk or the Blackhawk Plaza. This is the premier dining and shopping destination in the East Bay. Visitors are going to be treated to an interior courtyard that is aquatic landscaped. It also features dining establishments as well as terraced shopping.

Of course, there is also the Blackhawk Auto Museum. This world renown houses an impressive variety of in age and different cars. For the car enthusiasts that would want to see and appreciate the many types of vehicles that used to grace the streets of America and all over the world, there is so much that this museum has to offer which makes it an excellent visit.


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