Foods for Food Bloggers in San Ramon, CA

Bloggers and Vlogers are everywhere. They would love to document all their activities, especially during their trips. And one of the most common topics that they would document is all about foods. People would love to watch and know about the food they are about to experience in a specific place. This way, they would know what to expect. It would save them time and effort on searching different places to find the food they would want to eat and of course they get to experience delicacies and specialties of the place they go to. Here are some of the top choices in San Ramon, CA.


Poke Don, located at 2441 San Ramon Blvd, just opened in February 9, 2017. The poke trend has reached CA and this restaurant would give you the hype experience of your poke bowl. You get to choose and mix and match your own bowl that would only cost $11-30. Since they opened, a lot of keeps on coming back to their favorite poke bowls. Reviews of this restaurant so far are not below 4 stars.


An Asian Fusion Restaurant in Market Place though, called Four Flavors, kept its rank with 4 stars. Food price is blow $10 which is best for vegetarians. Much on the reviews you would see that food is cheap, fresh flavorful, they have friendly and fast staffs. In this place you would feel homey because of the staff and the food they serve. A good catch to those who loves veggies and meats.


Close to Four Flavours you would find a 4.5 star rate of desserts, bakeries and sandwiches. At 192 Market Place is Crème Si Bon. So if you want to try to cheat for a day, this is a must go place. This place would definitely please your palate. Jenny Ng, who is the owner of the shop, makes the finest European pastries. Their pastries are all handmade and baked at their shop. Price is very affordable too, below $10 and you would satisfy our sweet tooth.


If Market Place has Crème Si Bon, San Ramon Valley Blvd has Café Attila. The café was previously known as City of D’Lights Pastry Shop. This shop has been serving the Tri-Valley community since 2011. They offer European desserts, cakes, cookies and morning pastries. They also offer Bistro-style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have expanded their menu to delight their customers’ taste of the European food.


Aside from the restaurants mentioned above, there are more San Ramon could offer you to satisfy your taste buds. The food market in the East Bay has expanded and welcomed different kinds of cuisine from different continents of the world. And with the creative minds of the owners and, of course, with the love of food, you would find each menu very interesting and would even make you feel like you would not stop eating. A little tour in this community, you would figure more reasons to love and maybe to stay in San Ramon.