What is it to find in San Ramon, CA Tourism?


San Ramon is a city located near San Diego, CA within the San Ramon Valley. San Ramon is known as the home for Chevron, 24-Hour Fitness, the West Coast headquarters for AT&T Inc. and The Global Software Center of GE. San Ramon received the title of Tree City USA on April 24, 2001. It also has a Mediterranean climate that people would love and go visit the place because of its tourist spots. There are different activities travelers would love to try whenever they stay in San Ramon. And here are the few of what tourists would love to visit.


1.       Iron Horse Regional Trail

This rail trail was established in 11986. It was constructed for pedestrians, horse riders and bicycles in the East Bay Ares in California. The rail is now a major transportation and recreation corridor. It was said that the rail makes one million trips per year.

2.       Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Located in East Bay Regional Park District is the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve where people visit for camping and trails with mountain views.

3.       Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve

If you love hiking and would love to watch animals all over the place, the Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve is one of the best places to go to.

4.       Sycamore Valley Regional Open Space Preserve

This is a hiking and park located in East bay Regional Park District. In this preserve you would find snakes, woodpeckers, frogs, bluebirds, quail, turkeys, gray fox and a lot more.

5.       Central Park

Located in Alcosta Blvd is San Ramon Central Park. A wonderful park to spend your morning or afternoon walking.

6.       Valley View Park Hidden Crest Park

The park is located at N Monarch and N Wedgewood a place where you can view the sunset at the park, spend picnic hours with your family and a play are for your kids.                        

7.       Coyote Crossing Park

In Rosincress Drive you would find the Coyote Crossing is a perfect place for picnics too and surely the kids would love the playground at the top of the hill.

8.       Hidden Crest Park

A great kids’ park in Asterbell Drive. Located in a quiet neighborhood that kids would surely love to play and spend picnics with their family.

9.       San Ramon Athan Downs

A park with playgrounds and sports fields located in Montevideo Drive and Davona Drive. This park is also open for birthday parties for your kids.

10.   SouyenPark

Souyen Park in Watermill Road. A great park to take your family too. San Ramon offers a lot of open spaces for family to spend time with and this park is one of them. Not one of the biggest but an area that kids would love to go to.

11.   Forest Home Farms

A historical park located in San Ramon Valley Road. This 16-acre land was owned by Ruth Quayle Boone in memory of her husband Travis Moore Boone.

12.   Richard Fahey Village Green Park

A great kid’s park in Village Parkway. This is a 5 acre park with a very nice play area for kids.