Why a Visit to Mount Diablo, CA is a Must


One of the things that you should never miss out when you are around the Diablo, CA area is Mount Diablo. This 20,000-acre park is located in the San Francisco Area. It features peaks that form a second pyramid that is sticking out of the valleys like two elegant sore thumbs. It is quite a geological anomaly through the forcing of the tectonic plates. The park boundaries have made it possible the presence of wildlife and have since been established as sites for conservational efforts. Below are some of the reasons why you should pay it a visit.

It offers an incredible view


Perhaps one of the greatest draws to visitors is the fact that the peak offers an incredible view of the areas around it. At the peak, one gets to see the maps amount of ground thanks to the fact that it has this flat summit. It makes it possible for the viewer to get a sweeping view of the surrounding areas. Even at 3,849 feet, to s the clear peak that makes it possible for viewers to get a good look at about 8% of the California state. One may even be able to see all the way to Oregon when the weather is good.

It is a short drive from San Francisco

If you are planning on being around the San Francisco area, then getting there is going one easy enough. The park only takes 45 minutes from San Francisco on the car. It can be explored in a single day which means that you will still have enough time to get back as the park opens at 8 am and then closes at sunset.

Excellent wildlife viewing experience

This is a natural oasis and is certainly going to be a haven for those people that want to get a good view and expertise of the wildlife. It is an excellent spot for bird watching as well. Among the animals at can be located in the area include the burrowing owls, the spotted deer, bobcats, coyotes, and sometimes, even the mountain lions. People may also be able to see the ringtail cats and the badgers which are just recently introduced to the area.


It’s ideal for biking

The mountain offers a challenging 11-mile ride uphill. But many bikers have since priced its bike trail. Many bikers can be seen going 50 mph straight down the hill. Incredible bike races are also held here all throughout the year to make the most of its fascinating trail.

Impressive geology

The mountain was created from the converging of two earthquake faults many refer to it as a geological anomaly. Evidence of this can be seen as one moves around the park in the form of many ancient lava rocks that are colored green as well as the rocks from the Cretaceous and the Jurassic ages that are exposed in many areas near the park. There are fossilized seashells in a man of the ancient rocks found in the park's Fossil Ridge section. There are also the more recent sedimentary rocks that were formed by the San Andreas faultline.

All in all, a visit to this destination is certainly one not devoid of fun and excitement. If fun and excitement are what you are looking for while appreciating nature, this is one destination you need to plan to head to soonest.


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