Why the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA is Worth a Visit


One of the things that you should ever want to miss out on when you go to Danville, CA is to visit the Blackhawk Museum. This automotive museum is certainly a dream to every car enthusiast out there. If what you are looking for is an experience that will allow you to take a closer pee at the many automotive classics that have once graced the streets and roads of America. This is one destination that you must certainly add to your itinerary


The museum is famous for the more than 90 automotive treasures that it presently houses. There are classic cars for every enthusiast to feast his eyes on where culture, history, art, and technology are blended in such a hodgepodge of impressive automotive work. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful galleries that feature auto displays as well as exhibitions of vintage roadsters and rolling sculptures that are ever-changing.


Lively Museum

The museum is set in an architectural jewel box. They are two beautiful galleries from which the main attractions of the museum are on full display. Car enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that the museum presents a wide array of cars from all over the world. For those that want to get their fill of those vintage beauties that used to be on the road I times past, this is in place that they will certainly to want to miss.

Public Tours

There are free public tours that are offered for those that want to visit the museum. These free tours are performed every weekend at 2 pm. If you want to be able to get better details on the different displays that the museum puts on a constant rotation, this is one of the activities that you wouldwant to sign up for. The tour lasts for about an hour, and all that one has to do is pay for the regular admission that the museum charges. The guides are also known to share some very fascinating stories about the rolling sculptures featured in the gallery- all of which feature a bend of culture, art, and technology.


What the museum displays are cars that happen to have historical and artistic significance when it comes to illustrating engineering, performance, and styling that have since inspired every automotive era.  The exhibits are done in a rotating fashion to ensure that there will always be unusual and unique cars to see. Among the things that visitors are likely to feast their eyes n include old Mercedes and rare Ferraris as they were conceived by the greatest artisans and leading designers in the world. Expect that museum will present each car as individual pieces of art.

It does help too that the institution happens to be located right at the very end of the Blackhawk Plaza. This means that you can set up your trip in a way where you can either start at the museum and take a visit at the plaza or the other way around. Either way, a journey to this juncture of the town is undoubtedly going to be a product as you can do car appreciation and shopping at the very same venue.


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