Why the Downtown Area is a Must Visit when Going to Danville, CA


One of the things that you definitely should. See when you take a trip to Danville, CA is its historic downtown area. You will find that there are so many things to see and do in this part of town that you know one day alone is not going to be enough for you to explore its nooks and crannies.

What you will see in Danville is a place that has this small-town feel. The community is quaint that blends both the modern culture and smalls characters. For people that want to experience a change from the usual hustle and bustle of city living, this is one setting that will truly be a welcome sight for them.

Visitors can explore the historic buildings and the rustic charms of the downtown area. They are tons of building that’s have since been part of history that house an attractive mix of boutiques, excellent restaurants, antique stores, clothing shops, as well as art galleries. There is something for everyone here, and visitors can even choose to enjoy a walking tour of the entire area to discover many of the vibrant culture and art that the town offers such. Popular attractions include the San Ramon Valley Museum, the Village Theatre, and even the residence of famous playwright Eugene O’Neill at Tao House.

Downtown Danville part is perhaps one of the best destinations for shopping and dining in the East Bay. There is a great variety of shops and salons and art galleries. People will also appreciate the fact that there is the Danville Farmer’s Market that happens every Saturday. Strolling down the quaint streets would lead one to one of the 87 restaurants, bars, cafes, and coffee houses in the town all of which offer such delectable cuisines.

For those that want to enjoy some activities right after the sun sets, the dining and the nightlife scene in the area are quite exhilarating. The taste of the town can be experienced in such places as Akira Sushi, Amici’s Maria, Amber Bistro, as well as the Esin Restaurant. If you are hoping for some handcrafted cocktails, then you can check out what Martini Sky has to offer. Meeting friends would be ideal at the Crown, a British pub located at the very heart of the downtown area. If some good old drinks are what you are looking for, you can enjoy the California wines served at the Winery in Auburn, James. If you want to kick back and relax, then there is something special offered at Wild Vine Lounge./ Elliott Bar is not a bad idea too if you want to grab some drinks. For outdoor activities, read more here

Do make sure to keep track of the incredible festivals and activities that happen in the town a year round. Shopping is a must on a Saturday at the Farmer's Market. The exhibits at the gallery in the Village Theater are certainly something you must experience as well. Also, do not forget to take part in the late night dining and shopping and entertainment that is offered at the Night Street Festival every Thursday.

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