Why You Should Drop In at the State Park in Mount Diablo, CA


One of the most public outdoor areas if you are ever going to pay a visit to Diablo, CA is the Mount Diablo, State Park. It features a rich history which visitors are going to lap up. It has this iconic mountain that makes it a favorite destination for those that want to enjoy some good biking and hiking fund. It also offers a considerable number of activities that visitors can choose to take part in. When it comes to looking for that perfect spot where one can spend a weekend with loved ones while enjoying the outdoors, this is one great place to head to.

The park is quite massive as it spans an overall 20,000 acres. It is located along the South of Clayton and in the northeast of Danville. The site also features the ever-iconic Mount Diablo. This mountain reaches up to a total 3,849 feet. At this peak, it makes it visible anywhere in the Bay Area. This particular mountain is part of the Diablo Range, and it features some other subsidiary peaks such as the sorted peak at 3.557 feet which is about a mile away from its highest peak. 


The mountain, as well as its surrounding areas, have transformed into a recreation site. 38 preserved lands were established beyond the park. The park has since evolved into a site that incorporates some activities and facilities that visitors can enjoy. At its summit is a visitor center. It opens every day from 10 is to 4 pm. It offers exhibits that all highlight the history of the mountain and well as this many impressive geological features. It also houses a gift shop as well as a room for audio visual presentations. Visitors can even see the ancient marine fossils that are embedded in the walls of the building which is why this mountain is truly a must-see.

Observation Deck

An observation deck sits atop the visitor center. It is equipped with telescopes where visitors can peek through to see the glorious views of the summit. While it is true that the peak of this mountain is not that high, the fact that it is relatively flat means that it is a right spot to offer the viewer a good, clear, sweeping view of the areas around the Bay Area.

The Golden Gate Bridge

When the day is clear, visitors can easily see the Golden Gate Bridge from this point as well as the Farallon Islands along the west. Mount Loma Prieta can be seen to the south and the North, Mount Saint Helena and the Lassen Pea can be considered as well. The peak allows the viewers to see a total of 200 miles.

Entrance to this park when one brings along a vehicle is $10. However, this already includes access to RV, campsites, hiking trail, bike trails, picnic areas, horseback riding, cultural exhibits, guided tours, family programs, museums geocaching, as well as a whole lot of more things to busy oneself with. The gates open at 8 am and then closes at sunset which is more than enough time for the visits to take in and explore its beauty.


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