Why You Should Go to Mt. Diablo State Park when Going to Danville, CA


A trip to Danville, CA is going to be a very rewarding one. This is especially true if what you are hoping to experience is a journey where you get to appreciate more what Mother Nature has to offer. If you are into trips that will give you a quaint-town feel while at the same time, allow you to engage in activities where you can get physical, and you can experience the outdoors; visiting one of the parks that the town is famous for having lots of will be a good idea.

An ideal destination would be the Mt. Diablo State Park. It is considered as one of the ecological treasures that the San Francisco Bay Area boasts of. It is certainly one breathtaking destination where people can enjoy scenic trails for hiking, picturesque overlooks, dramatic formations of rocks, fascinating wildlife, waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers that will certainly take your breath away, and even fossils.

The activities that you can choose to engage in are just going to be endless. This is why if you want to enjoy some days of good fun and one where you get to be out with the elements, heading to this mountain paradise will be a genuinely good idea to pursue.

The mountain in Danville can be reached through either hiking or biking. Once you reach its summit at 3,849 feet, you can enjoy the panoramic views that will allow you to see the Golden Gate Bridge to the Central Valley to the High Sierra. You also have the choice to explore the trails that the park offers through horseback. If you are an experienced rider and being back on these magnificent beasts is more your thing, then you can certainly have that arranged.

This place is indeed considered as the most popular cycling, horseback riding, and hiking spot along the East Bay and rightfully so. There is that rewards that can’t be topped when reaching the peak of Mt. Diablo- that is, you get to see more of the lands of the earth when you are on its top that what you would if you were on the peaks of other mountains in the country.

Many people consider Mt. Diablo as one sacred hiking destination close to Danville. It offers miles of trails that can be challenging as they wind towards its high summit. It is also known for blessing hikers with views that are nothing short of jaw-dropping when you are at the top.

Rock City is also another interesting spot near Danville that the outdoor adventurers should not miss out on. It has unique formations that have been built over the 180 million years that it has been existent where travelers can boulder, climb, and even hike on them. The sandstone rocks are quite dramatic. It has cliffs, small caves, and even strange outcroppings. If fossils are your thing, the domed peak of Sentinel Rock should be where you head to where exposed fossils of the Jurassic, Cretaceous, Eocene, and the Miocene periods are found.

The price is just $10 for all the tons of activities that you can enjoy. The park is open from 8 am until sunset every day. Thus, making it a accessible destination.