Christmas Tips For Oral Care

Christmas Oral Care

It’s not just your weight loss goal that might suffer a setback during the Christmas over-indulgence. Your oral health is likely to take a hit too with all the sugary food, alcoholic drinks and late nights. For one’s overall health, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene both for children and adults. However, keeping up an oral health care routine during the holidays can be hard to keep up. This is why we have listed below some dental tips for holidays, and your Danville dentist won’t complain about your oral health in the future:

1.    Tone Down Sugar Craving

Well, we are not saying that you should not eat those cakes and candies but one thing you should note is that these sweet dishes have a lot of sugar in them. But, one thing you should be sure of is to floss and brush after eating delicious food.

2.    Don’t use your teeth to open presents

Your teeth are not scissors or bottle openers, and using your teeth for opening bottles or opening packages is not a good idea. Not only can you chip your teeth this way, but you can pull whole teeth outright by the root – well we don’t have to tell you what will happen next. So, use a bottle opener if you need to open a bottle.

3.    Focus on Mouth-healthy Treats

You might end up with tooth decay when you take a lot of extra sugar – so eat treats that are good for your teeth or at least the ones that won’t cause a lot of damage; like cheeses, gingerbread, nuts, and peppermint-flavored items.

Also, for those with braces or Envisaging, you should also avoid certain foods like warm cider or hot chocolate as the extra heat can warp your aligner trays plastic.

4.    Be Prepared When Travelling

Traveling tend to take a bad toll on our oral hygiene, especially when it’s not well prepared. However, you can ensure that you stay on top of our oral health care routine with a little preparation. Most importantly, remember to pack everything you need ranging from your toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash. Try packing these items first if you are the type of person who forgets something when packing.

5.    Moderation is everything.

It not during the Christmas period that you have to watch what you eat, even during other times you need to keep things moderate.  Keeping what you eat and drink during this period moderated can have a good effect on your teeth and gums.

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