Cavity Treatment

San Ramon Cavity Treatment

At Pro Smile Dental Care, located in Danville, California, we offer many solutions to treat cavities and tooth decay. Why put up with toothaches and bad breath? We’ll get to the root of the problem, offer the latest treatment options, and help you prevent future cavities with regular care.

Cavity Basics

Cavity Pain Dentist

A cavity begins with tooth decay. Acids are created in your mouth from food and bacteria, wearing away the protective enamel. Once the enamel has been etched away the exposed layers underneath may also begin to decay, resulting in a cavity. It’s important to watch out for common signs of tooth decay and get treatment quickly.

  • Tooth pain for a day or more.
  • Pain when you bite down or chew.
  • The tooth is sensitive to hot or cold drinks.
  • Pits or holes in your teeth that you can see or feel.

Dental Fillings To Treat Cavities

Depending on the severity of the dental cavity, one of several procedures may be necessary. The first and most basic is a simple filling. The hole or decay in the tooth is located, drilled, cleaned, and, filled. It’s as easy as that, and you’ll be on your way.

Root Canals & Crowns 

Teeth Bonding Danville Ca

Sometimes the tooth may be too heavily decayed for a standard filing. A root canal and crown may be required. We will discuss your options with you and make sure you are as comfortable as possible while we treat and restore your tooth.

Get Cavity Treatment In Danville

Don’t ignore a cavity and set yourself up for future problems. Eventually, you could lose the tooth which may also affect your jawbone, your speech and how you chew your food. When you take care of dental problems your mouth will feel better, and you’ll feel better too knowing that everything has been fixed.

Cavity treatment is just a phone call away. Contact Pro Smile Dental Care today and schedule your appointment.

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