Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Relieve pain and problems from impacted wisdom teeth at Pro Smile Dental Care, servicing you in Danville and the East Bay Area. You may have uncovered wisdom tooth issues after being seen for a toothache or during a routine family dental exam. Why are impacted teeth such a big deal, and what can a dentist do about it?

We invite you to learn more with us and then make an appointment for diagnoses and solutions tailored specifically to you or your child.

  • Problems Caused By Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Causes Tooth & Mouth Pain
  • Traps Food, Causing Decay
  • Irritates Gums & Encourages Periodontal Disease
  • Can Damage Surrounding Teeth & Bone
  • Painful Cysts Can Develop
  • Delays & Disrupts Orthodontic Care

Types Of Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth emerge sometime between ages 17 and 25, but sometimes they cause complications, depending on the type of impaction. There are four main types of impacted wisdom teeth. After examining your mouth and x-rays, your dentist will be able to show you where the problem is or what types of issues may be on the horizon if you delay treatment.

  • A fully impacted tooth is fully stuck in the jaw. This type is the most complicated to treat.
  • A partially impacted tooth has only emerged part of the way. The rest is still stuck in the jaw.
  • Soft tissue impaction means the tooth is just below the gums, making it easier to extract.
  • Erupted wisdom teeth have already emerged and are the simplest to extract.

Symptoms Of Wisdom Tooth Problems

Impacted wisdom teeth don’t always cause pain, but they can cause other dental problems, like tooth decay, gum disease, and alignment issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to be seen by your family or general dentist.

  • Bad Breath
  • A Bad Taste In Your Mouth
  • Pain In Your Jaw Or Behind Your Molars
  • Swelling, Bleeding, Or Tender Gums
  • Difficulty Opening Your Mouth

How To Find Out If You Need Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is the most common treatment for impaction problems. Extraction can relieve the pain and other symptoms caused by teeth that haven’t grown all the way in or that are growing sideways or at an angle.

If you do need your wisdom teeth removed, your dental professional will discuss the procedure and risks with you. You may experience swelling post-surgery, but complications are rare, and the recovery time is short.

Fix Impacted Wisdom Teeth In Danville

Routine visits to your dentist can prevent or catch complications with impacted wisdom teeth early. If you need a tooth extraction, we can help you understand the process and make it as quick and painless as possible. The earlier, the better, so don’t wait! Call today to schedule an appointment at Pro Smile Dental Care in Danville, CA.

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