The 5 Effects Of Dental Neglect On Children

Dental Neglect

The dental problem is some of the most preventable health problems children can face while growing up. Even with this, about one in six children of age 5 to 19 years still suffer from tooth decay, and/or untreated cavities according to the dentists. This is a huge issue that should be taken with the utmost importance, as the untreated oral issue can cause pain and infections. This pain can make kids have a problem with eating, speaking, and even find it hard to concentrate. Research shows that children with bad oral habits are more likely to miss school due to dental pain. Bad oral habit can cause tooth loss; kids with missing teeth are more likely to experience emotional stress.

It’s now a no brainer that oral hygiene is essential for kids as it an effect on them in many ways.

To put more emphasis on this, we have listed below some of the effects of dental neglection in children:

1.    Deteriorating educational performance

When kids experience, chronic dental pay will find it hard to stay focus in school, and might even skip classes. This is why good oral hygiene is important for kids development programs.

2.    Difficulty sleeping

Kids may also find it hard to sleep when they pass through severe oral disease.

3.    Reduced self-esteem

Kids with bad oral issues may be reluctant to smile due to embarrassment about the appearance of their mouth, reducing their self-esteem.

4.    Poor diet

Poor oral hygiene can cause oral disease making it difficult to chew correctly, modifying diet that lacks proper nutrition, and children without a proper diet may lack the nutrients they need

5.    Early Tooth Loss

Premature loss of a child’s baby teeth can be due to tooth decay. Early tooth loss can lead to impaired speech development. This will make the nearby teeth tip or shift when teeth are lost before the permanent teeth come in. However, a dentist may recommend cosmetic dental or same-day crowns if your child loses a tooth prematurely, helping them holds open the space left by the missing tooth.

The bottom line is that, as a parent, don’t delay your child’s overall health by making this one mistake. Look out for your kids when they are brushing or flossing to make sure they do it right until your child’s brushing and flossing habits are good. Don’t also forget to schedule twice-a-year checkups with Pro Smile Dental Care in Danville, Ca.

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