How Does Fluoride Help Protect Your Teeth?

Flouride Protects Teeth

A smile says a lot about someone, and they even say more by hiding it. It’s easy to feel unwilling not to show ones pearly white teeth when they are not in good shape. Most people believe brushing and flossing is the only thing required of them, this is sure a good start, but there is more to having a healthy set of teeth. One thing people do not understand is that treating one’s teeth with fluoride is a necessity to keep healthy hygiene. If you have ever wondered what fluoride do to improve your mouth, then below are what you need to know:

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an ionic form of fluorine, and it can be found in different natural sources, but the most popular source is fluorite. Fluorite is a mineral that is mostly found in South Africa, Mexico and other parts of the world. Fluoride can be naturally released into the environment via a different method of geological processes like volcanic activity and weathering of minerals. This two process releases emissions into the atmosphere. Fluoride can also be released through a different human activity like oil refining burning coal, and other industrial processes.

Fluoride’s Importance to the Teeth

Fluoride is essential for the teeth enamel, as it is made of mineral crystals and we lose and gain this mineral every day from the enamel crystals. This process of mineral loss is known as demineralization and gain them back is also known as remineralization. When the bacteria that are found on the plaque on your teeth starts feeding on the sugar and other carbohydrates in your mouth this process is called Demineralization. The only way to help save your enamel is by remineralization, and the best way is if your saliva contains fluoride that can be deposited back into the enamel. Tooth decay is caused when the tooth loses minerals and it can’t be replaced.

There are many benefits of fluoride for the teeth;

When children consume fluoride, it enters their bloodstream and serves as a part of their developing permanent teeth. It also becomes part of the saliva and strengthens teeth when swallowed. When there is enough fluoride in the mouth, acids are less able to damage tooth enamel. Fluoride can not only be consumed; they can also be added to toothpaste. This will help the outside of the teeth to speed remineralization.

Where to Find Fluoride

There are a lot of ways to find fluoride and use; it can be found in dental hygiene products. However, it is important that you seek the advice of a cosmetic dental to help prescribe the one that will work best for you; doing this will help your teeth stay healthy enough to fight cavities. Also, don’t forget that maintain a good dental habit is essential as well, but the most crucial part is visiting the dentist in Danville.

If you have any questions or need a reservation, please contact us. We will help your beautiful smile stay beautiful.

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