Preventing Orthodontics Problems

Preventing Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontics is a part of dentistry to help correct the misalignment of one’s teeth. Misaligned teeth sometimes look dirty and they can spoil your smile. The appearance of one’s teeth and a smile plays a huge role in one’s overall appearance.

The first thing people tend to notice when meeting you is your appearance and just as we stated earlier on, your teeth play a significant role in your appearance.

You can easily visit a dentist in Danville offering quality orthodontics services at affordable prices.

However, as helpful as your orthodontics can be, they also need repairs, as they sometimes break or begin to poke your gum tissue.

This is why we have taken time to list out some common orthodontic problems faced by adults and kids with braces. Read on to see which of the categories you may fit into:

1.    Crowding

This is one of the most common orthodontic problems and just as the name implies, crowding occurs when the teeth don’t have any more space to erupt from the gum. This issue leads to teeth overlap and aside from the fact that this orthodontics issue spoils your smile its also tends to cause cavities and other dental problems as it is hard to clean areas when they are.

2.    Spacing

Spacing is just like crowding, and in this case, the teeth are further apart than desired. Thi issue is common among people with small teeth or people with missing teeth. Most people tend to seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons, why some do because they have difficulty biting or chewing food if the spacing is excessive.

3.    Crossbite

This is a situation whereby the upper molars fit inside the lower molars or due to the excessively wide lower jaw or an overly narrow upper jaw. The best part is that there are different types of orthodontic treatment options are available for these types of issues, depending on how serious the issue is.

4.    Underbite

Underbites are present when the front lower teeth bite ahead of the top front teeth. This is due to the lower jaw extending further than the upper jaw. This issue can cause excessive wear of the teeth and can make it difficult to chew.

5.    Overbite

Overbite is a situation whereby the front teeth cover the lower teeth too much. Which is excessive circumstances, the lower teeth might later on the damage the roof of the mouth. This issue is often corrected with braces.

A visit to a dentist in Danville for a thorough examination is the only way to determine the best course of treatment. Orthodontic treatment is about much more than just cosmetics.


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