How Can Thumbsucking Affect My Child’s Teeth?

Thumbsucking Teeth

Most people may have a complaint that the kids suck their thumbs. Although childhood thumbsucking is a natural reflex that may make your babies feel more secure and happier. However, thumbsucking can become a problem. A Dentist in Danville recommends taking care of your kids and knowing about how Thumbsucking can affect the teeth of your kids.

According to WebMD, most of the babies contain a natural urge of Thumbsucking. Your kid may be sucking his thumb to comfort and relax him. However, he can also do this when he is fearful, hungry, sleepy, restless or bored.

After the age of 5 to 6 years, thumbsucking is rare and can be an indication of anxiety or emotional problems.

Short-term effects of Thumbsucking on teeth

When it comes to having a look at the short-term dangers of thumbsucking, if permanent teeth start to come then thumbsucking can cause misalignment of teeth. It can push the front teeth of the kids forward. Although this can be treated once your kid will stop thumbsucking. Some parents disregard this habit and sooner when children are having their permanent teeth, an effective cosmetic dental service is needed get tooth crowns.

A dentist in Danville can get you same-day crowns for effective results. But it is important to prevent your kids from thumbsucking before getting any dental services.

Long-term effects of Thumbsucking

Long-term effects of thumbsucking are evaluated according to intensity, duration, and frequency of Thumbsucking. However, thumbsucking for more time can push your kid’s teeth out of alignment and can cause creating an overbite and protrude.

In some cases, thumbsucking can also affect the alignment of the jaws and the mouth roof will become malformed. This can cause difficulty in the right pronunciation of the words.

How to stop my kid from Thumbsucking?

There are several ways which can help you to prevent your kid from thumbsucking. Here are some of the important options to consider:

  • Praise your kid when he is not sucking his thumbs and try to engage your child with this behavior.

  • Use gentle reminders to keep track of your kids habit. Calmly ask him to leave his thumb when he will begin thumbsucking.

  • There are some non-removable and removable orthodontic devices which can help you in the process of stopping your kid from thumbsucking.

  • Ask the dentist to talk to your child with you about thumbsucking and its dangers.

These are just some of the options which can help you in the process of preventing your kids from any oral problems.

As per dentists, when your kid is under 4 then this may not cause any problems for him yet. It is because commonly the kids grow out of this stage. But if your kids won’t stop thumbsucking even at the age of 6, then you need to pay attention to this matter and need to find the best ways to prevent it. Otherwise, consult a dentist.


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