Tooth Erosion & Its Possible Causes

Tooth Erosion Dentist

The tooth can be tough, but if you are a frequent soda drinker, the enamel tissue will be more prone to erosion. This dental condition is typically painful. The tooth enamel is the valuable protection of the tooth that also subject to worn down with the foods we take such as sweets and beverages. If you want to avoid tooth erosion, then it is important that you will learn what tooth erosion is, how enamel can erode over time, and how to avoid tooth erosion. Read the following facts below:

The Tooth Erosion

Before getting down to deeper knowledge about tooth erosion and ways to avoid it, we must first know about the tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is like a guard that will shield the tooth from anything that may cause harm to the teeth like acid and sugar.

It usually measures few millimeters thick shield of the teeth that can sometimes be in color yellow, gray, bluish, or white. Since its functions are to shield the tooth, it is the one that damaged first, and once it is damaged, it will no longer grow back.

Normally, foods that are highly acidic such as beverages and sodas are the number one enemy of the tooth enamel that will cause its erosion. Aside from food, there are also factors that contribute the production of acid in the mouth such as the dry mouth, acid reflux, antihistamine medication, and more.

The Other Factors That Can Also Cause Tooth Erosion

Besides the stated conditions above, there are also people who had tooth erosion due to the factors contributed to the environment. These factors are also known to boost the acid production in that mouth that can badly damage the tooth enamel.

Your Brushing Style And Routine

Brushing is needed to keep your teeth strong and clean, however, brushing too much or using a toothbrush that is not bristle can also result in damage to the enamel. Remember, the enamel of the teeth will be sensitive because of the friction of brushing.

When One Could Not Tolerate Gluten

Another cause of tooth erosion is the possibility of the person to have celiac disease. This is a condition when one could not tolerate consumption of gluten. When one could not absorb nutrients, this will affect the development of the teeth and eventually will later result in tooth erosion.

Grinding The Teeth

This habit is very harmful to the teeth. When the tooth grinds another tooth surface, remember that it will make the enamel thin over time, causing the enamel to be weak and more prone to breakage. When the enamel is already fractured or weak, the person will feel striking pain when they eat or drink hot or cold food and drinks. This condition is more known as teeth sensitivity.

It is important that you know the causes of tooth erosion and the important role of the tooth enamel so you can better protect it from getting damaged. If you want to avoid tooth erosion, it is best that you are aware of how to take care of the tooth enamel.

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