Dental Sealants


Dental sealants are applied to protect a child’s teeth from cavities, especially during the earlier years while little chompers are still developing. These preventative treatments are available at our Danville area dentist office. If you’re a parent who would like to prevent your child from getting cavities, or if you’re an adult that would like to protect your teeth from tooth decay, it’s helpful to know what dental sealants are and how they work.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a layer of thin material applied to the pits and divots of back teeth to protect them from bacteria. Your dentist will recommend the protective coating that is right for your child.

Common Types Of Tooth Sealants

  • Glass Ionomer
  • Resin-Modified Glass Ionomers
  • Polyacid-Modified Resins
  • Composite Resin

Fast, Simple Tooth Protection?

Dental sealants are a simple, painless way to provide valuable protection from tooth decay. If you’re prone to cavities or have problems keeping baby teeth healthy, tooth sealants can protect against 80% of holes for up to two years and 50% for four years, depending on the application type.

Dental sealants don’t take the place of brushing your teeth or getting them cleaned, but they can work in addition to cleaning your teeth.

Recommended By The CDC & ADA

Children are the most common recipients of dental sealants because cavities are the most common dental condition experienced by children. Dentists, the ADA, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the CDC often recommend that children get this procedure, even children who consume fluoride through their water supply.

3 Advantages Of Dental Sealants

  • Quick & Painless
  • Great Backup To Brushing For Preventing Cavities From Forming
  • Clear Or Tooth-Colored, So They Won’t Impact Your Child’s Smile
  • Can Last Up To 9 Years, Depending On The Type

How Long Do Sealants Take?

Application only takes a few minutes. There may be additional curing time.

Get Dental Sealants In Danville

If you’re interested in getting tooth sealants, or if you’d like to get them for your child, contact Pro Smile Dental Care to schedule an appointment today. We are located in San Ramon near Danville and serve the East Bay, California, area.

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