All On Four Dental Implants


Are you in the Danville area and thinking about getting All On Four dental implants? At Pro Smile Dental Care, we use this tooth replacement system to help restore a full smile to our patients who have lost all their teeth and would otherwise need dentures. Find out if this revolutionary cosmetic dentistry treatment is proper for you.

Your smile is your first impression, and our specialty dental practice can help you regain confidence with advanced dental treatments and procedures.

What Are All On Four Dental Implants?

Implant supported dentures are a permanent solution to missing teeth. The All-On-Four, or All On 4, procedure uses titanium posts set into the jawbone in four places on the top or bottom set of gums. These posts then support a set of dentures to replace your missing teeth.

You can get your entire arch replaced with natural looking, low-maintenance dentures held securely in place by this popular procedure.

Why Are All On Four Implants So Popular?

This cosmetic procedure is so great because it can mimic how natural teeth hold to the jaw. Teeth have roots that grow into the jaw. All On Four insets use titanium posts that the jaw bone then grows around. The arch that replaces your missing teeth uses the tops of these posts as attachment points to hold them in place, preventing slipping and speech interruption.

What Is The Step-By-Step Process For Getting All On Four Implants?

  1. There’s an evaluation to take x-rays and impressions of your mouth.
  2. Surgery places the four titanium posts into your jawbone.
  3. Healing the posts and your jaw ensures a firm, permanent hold of the denture.
  4. Placement of the arch on the insets can replace all upper or lower teeth.

All On Four Implant Aftercare Is Important

Once you get all four implants, you will need to care for them to ensure they last as long as possible. Like natural teeth, you must floss and brush them regularly to ensure they stay clean.

How Long Will Your Dental Implants Last?

If you take care of your dental implants, the arch could last up to 25 years or longer. This is because the titanium posts inside your jaw are permanent pieces.

Who Can Benefit From All On Four Implants?

Needing an entire tooth arch does not mean you must live with the hassle of traditional, removable dentures. With All On Four implant dentures, you get the secure, lifelong teeth replacement you need in just a handful of visits to your dentist, saving you time, money, and time healing between appointments.

Change The Way You Think About Dentures

Traditional dentures were once the only way to replace a complete set of missing teeth. However, they had several problems, such as being uncomfortable, allowing bone loss, requiring adhesives to hold them in place, and becoming lost or damaged after removal for cleaning.

All On Four dental implants change the game of teeth replacement by offering significant advantages over traditional dentures.

  • They’re more secure, with no adhesives needed.
  • The implant is comfortable and natural-looking.
  • Your All On Fours never need removal.
  • Titanium posts promote bone retention in the jaw.
  • They only require brushing and flossing for cleaning.

Transform Your Smile In Danville, CA

Here at Pro Smile Dental Care, we aim to give our patients the transformative dental services they need to achieve life-changing smiles. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with a dentist in Danville who can help fit you with All On Four implants.


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