Digital Dental Impressions

Digital Dental Impressions

Have you ever had the family dentist shove a tray of goo in your month in preparation for a crown or bridge? If this process triggers your gag reflex, digital dental impressions can provide a faster, less invasive alternative.

Turn to Pro Smile Dental Care to take advantage of this technology. Our team proudly serves clients in Danville and the East Bay Area.

What Procedures Require Dental Impressions?

Restorative dentistry requires detailed information about the shape of your teeth and mouth. Some procedures use dental impressions to create molds for the following products:

What Are Digital Dental Impressions?

Digital impressions use cutting-edge technology to create computer-generated images of the teeth and soft tissues in your mouth. They streamline the process of building restorations when compared to traditional ones.

Here’s how they are taken:

  1. The dentist inserts a wand into your mouth.
  2. The wand uses laser technology to map the surfaces needed to create an implant or other restoration.
  3. This information is transferred to a computer that prints the restoration using durable materials.
  4. Special software puts the images together and projects the impression onto the patient room screen.
  5. Technicians used this data to build the finished product.

The Scans Take Less Than Two Minutes

This varies significantly from traditional methods, where your dentist uses a gel-filled tray to take a physical impression of your mouth. The material hardens in a few minutes, and the dentist sends the model to a laboratory, where a technician creates the restoration from the cast.

After taking or making the impressions, your dentist will match the shade and color to the surrounding teeth. However, with the digital method, no wait is needed to make dental implants, crowns, or other restorations.

Are Digital Impressions More Accurate Than Traditional Ones?

Dental impressions made through traditional methods are prone to human error, which can lead to delays in restoration production. The trays can shift when the family dentist pulls them out of your mouth.

In contrast, digital impressions are far less prone to error and quickly become the preferred method for patients and professionals. You can get a more accurate restoration without the mess. What’s not to love?

Skip The Goop – Get The Convenience Of Digital Today

Pro Smile Dental Care restores smiles more efficiently with digital impressions. We serve Danville and the East Bay Area and would love to book an appointment with you today.

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